How trim tabs work

Most boats are designed to plane at a particular speed and weight distribution. However, as weight increases (due to additional fuel, passengers, or gear) and/or speed decreases, the stern settles down creating an inefficient, untrimmed condition. As the boat pushes forward, it creates a "hill of water". In this bow-high position visibility is limited and the hull bottom is pounded. In addition, due to significant hull drag and extreme prop angle, fuel economy is poor.

Properly sized Bennett Trim Tabs enable your boat to overcome this "hill" and plane at speeds slower than designed planing speed.

As the helm control is pressed, the stern rises, lowering the bow. Without touching the throttle, speed increases and optimum attitude is achieved regardless of speed or weight distribution.

Bennett Trim Tabs reposition the boat's bow to cut through the water reducing pounding, drag, and engine laboring. Repositioning the bow creates greater visibility which increases safety. Reduced pounding means greater comfort. Less drag and engine laboring translate into increased performance, greater speed, and reduced fuel consumption.

With all the advantages and efficiencies created, Bennett Trim Tabs virtually pay for themselves.



Bennett Trim Tabs are two independent, stainless steel, adjustable afterplanes attached to the bottom edge of the transom. As the helm control is pressed, the trim tabs move into position. Water-force on the trim tab surface creates upward pressure, thereby raising the stern and lowering the bow. The principle is simple. The results are impressive.


As a result of uneven weight distribution, prop torque or wind, a boat runs with a list. Deep "V" hulls are particularly vulnerable to this condition. Running with a list is uncomfortable, as well as unsafe. Bennett Trim Tabs operate independently for effective list correction.




Increase Speed
Reduce Pounding
Correct Listing
Eliminate Porpoising

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Reduce Engine Labouring
Eliminate Squatting

Improve Visibility
Reduce Wake
Improve Handling
Reduce Hull Stress

It is a common misconception that if a boat has power trim on the outboard or outdrive it does not need trim tabs. Power trim can be used to adjust the boat's attitude, but it is highly inefficient. A propeller is designed to force the boat forward. When trimming the boat with the prop, the prop must not only push the boat forward but raise the stern as well. In this situation, prop slippage is greatly increased thereby wasting power. Power trim cannot correct listing and is ineffective at slower speeds. Bennett Trim Tabs, in combination with power trim, enable both the hull and prop to be trimmed independently. The trim tabs trim the hull, while the power trim adjusts the prop. The result is optimum performance and efficiency not attainable by the use of power trim alone.